AtinServices is a consultancy with more than fourteen years of experience in the creation and management of national and international scale projects.
We have a wealth of experience in projects dealing with innovative products for training and education as well as in international mobility projects. We work with a wide-ranging network of international partners and collaborators from across Europe, from china and from the USA made up of a variety of types of organizations (training centres, universities, businesses, government bodies, etc.) which allows us to create efficiently managed associations and guaranteeing the quality of all international projects we develop.
We are specialists in the development of multimedia materials for language learning training and also have a great deal of experience in a number of areas including workplace risk assessment and prevention, in the stone-working industry, tourism and hotel industry and with integration of minority groups.
AtinServices is constantly transforming so as to be best placed to respond to the current and future challenges and requirements of society; we can achieve this thanks to our dynamic team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.
The General Directorate of Youth and Volunteer summons Galeuropa program aimed at young people to carry out unpaid internships in business of any of the Member States of the European Union other than Spain.
The purpose of this order is to establish the rules and call aid for language training activities in 2013 aimed at improving foreign language skills of students of different levels of schools supported with public funds in Galicia.
The Ministry of Education of the Republic of China calls for the academic year 2013-2014, 13 places for Chinese Government Scholarship for Spanish
Call for aid to college students to stay in a Member State of the European Union, during the summer of 2013, in order to know the language of the country
The Prize is awarded to projects undertaken by young people which foster understanding
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