Since our very beginning we have organised a number of different types of mobilities aimed at teaching staff as well as students, especially with the Erasmus programme, having assisted organisations and teaching centres throughout Europe.
In the last few years we have aided many organisations in the creation of Eramus Consortia for Higher Education, assisting in the consortium-accreditation applications as well as in the funding requests for mobilities outside the Euopean Union. These mobilities, belonging to the key action KA107 within the Erasmus programme, have made it possible for us to expand our expertise to new worldwide locations, such as the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia), Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, India, the Philippines) and the north of Africa (Jordan, Tunisia).

If you wish to carry out mobility programmes for students or teachers in other countries, we can provide you with our collaborators abroad as well as with our know-how in the management of public aid, especially within the Erasmus+ programme.